Create a Cabinet Role for Biodiversity

Last year we called on Newcastle City Council to Put Nature on the Map in Newcastle.

When presenting our 3,500-strong petition in the chambers, we asked the council to have better regard for biodiversity and proposed a Cabinet role to achieve this.

Newcastle City Council advised:

‘As the responsibility for issues of green infrastructure and biodiversity cuts across the different directorates, we are not proposing a cabinet member to focus on biodiversity’.

But with Cabinet members for Resources, Culture and Communities, Transport and Air Quality, Neighbourhoods and Regulatory Services, Inclusive Growth, Public Health and Housing, Adult Care and Health and Children and Young People, the council is accustomed to working interdepartmentally.

We need a comprehensive strategy for conserving wildlife and biodiversity in Newcastle.

The first step towards accomplishing such a strategy would be to appoint a Cabinet member for biodiversity.

‘Biodiversity……is fundamental to our quality of life and contributes to our social and economic well being. Everyone, including business, depends upon the natural world for their livelihood, quality of life, and to provide basic ecological services on which all life depends.’ [Newcastle City Council]

We are therefore calling on Newcastle City Council to appoint a Cabinet member for Biodiversity to ensure wildlife and the natural environment is firmly on the city’s agenda.

Please support our campaign to help us achieve this important first step, and to put nature on the map in Newcastle.

You can sign the petition here.