Green Belt Grab

Newcastle Great Park Consortium is attempting to further erode important wildlife habitat in Cell B1 with its latest planning application.

The plans will already see unacceptable and large-scale loss of vegetation, trees and hedgerows, loss of Green Belt and further encroachment on Havannah Nature Reserve.

Cell B1 and the public right of way that runs through it is currently utilised for air and exercise by local people and has been a refuge for many during the coronavirus pandemic, however, soon it will be bounded by a 1.8 metre fence.

We have highlighted to Newcastle City Council the harm that the latest plans would inflict on wildlife and local communities.

You can object to the plans by emailing, quoting planning application 2017/0666/09/RES.

We have put together a template objection, below.

Dear Mr Cowen,

Re: 2017/0666/09/RES

I object to all reserved matters applications associated with development in Cell A and B1 of Newcastle Great Park, as development on this scale and in such close proximity to a site designated for nature conservation will inflict unacceptable levels of harm to protected species and habitats, which can not be suitably mitigated for.

The above application constitutes inappropriate development in the Green Belt, as set out in Paragraph 90 of the NPPF. Policy NN4 of the CSUCP does not allocate Cell B1 for any form of development therefore any form of development in Cell B1 should be refused permission.

This development would see the loss of important wildlife habitat, strategic open space and public rights of way and will have a significant adverse effect on protected species in and around Havannah Nature Reserve.

Cell B1 was designated for nature conservation to mitigate for the harm caused by the development of Sage and park and ride facilities. Development of Cell B1 is contrary to national and local policies and should be refused.

This development will severely compromise the long term health and wellbeing of local communities and contribute to the further, unacceptable decline of wildlife in Newcastle, with devastating consequences for people and wildlife.

I therefore urge you to recommend refusal for this application.

Yours sincerely,


  1. Woodbine Worrier

    I looked up Great Park Consortium and it seems to be mainly Persimmon and Taylor Wimpey – I used the names plus ‘reputation’. It was a very interesting and very depressing experience.
    Woodbine Worrier

    • JJohnson

      Leave our wildlife and nature reserve alone this will eventually be wiped out if you continue to let these greedy builders take green belt land

  2. lChristine Harris

    I am saddened that yet again builders are taking over land which is good wildlife habitat and for which they have no care.

  3. Becky Sharp

    Disturbing that the environment and critically declining wildlife are so disregarded. Very poor that the authorities are so unable to grasp that this is important

  4. The developers rule the Council. The oxygen levels for humans have depleted since the beginning of this concrete urban sprawl whilst the animal/wildlife population are disappearing fast. Shameful.

  5. When will the developers learn these plans are totally unacceptable to the residents of Newcastle, particularly those who use this green space for recreation.

    • Myself and my family moved to this area, because of the the walks and nature reserve within it. I used to see all manner of wild life now we see very little. Where are these beautiful animals going to live. You have to draw a line and stay stop now it’s to much.

  6. Sylvia

    I’ve lived here in Hazlerigg for 24 years and the wildlife is slowly disappearing
    Such a shame
    The next generation will just have to look at photos of what once was a beautiful place full of life and living

  7. Tony

    Its shameful that’s for sure

    People with zero contact with the area stopping proper education facilities to be built – where were you when the estate was proposed? – you know that an infrastructure around an urban development will help the environment?

    Local schools and shopping will have a massively positive impact on the local environment -you cant ever stop those gas guzzling 4×4’s unfortunately but you can mitigate pollution and protect the environment with a much better managed plan than this – try to work with the residents groups maybe?

  8. David

    I don’t understand why the soon to be former Sage building has not been looked at to either convert into a school or demolish in favour of the playing fields which this planning application is for. This is surely the ideal compromise which should be addressed?

  9. Susan Starforth

    Please leave the birds and animals some space of their own. They are a joy to hear and see. Walking around Havannah Hills on a lovely sunny day is pure bliss.

  10. Leanne


    These animals need to live, graze and run free on the land that was once theirs!

    See need our wildlife, for us and our future generations, we are so lucky to have the little what are there now.

    Give them a chance , we have lost so much, we dont want to lose our nature as well 🙁

  11. Angela Woodhall

    There are too many houses now. The wildlife need to be protected. They look lovely when you see them.

  12. Dawn Kitching

    Come on, wake up before it’s too late – do NOT build on this land, leave the wildlife corridor alone.

  13. Sarah

    Object to any further development around the park area. It’s detrimental to wildlife, the environment and future.
    Builders greed and unnecessary expansions of the estate, profits over anything
    Object to how the school built on green belt when it could be replaced on its current land

  14. Michael Smith

    Not only do wildlife need their habitat they also need to roam, for which they need wildlife corridors connected to other wild spaces.They need to forage and roam, just as we do.This enables diversity in our wildlife, which Boris Johnson has promised to increase.

  15. Monica Allan

    Greed with no regard to wildlife or human wellness in an urban sprawl . I fully object to all this development but with the council raking in £10,000 min with every house built and council tax forever and the fact that the council are partners with the developers !!! Corrupt

  16. Hilary

    Objection emailed.

    I have lived in this area for over 50 years and seen a lot of changes.

    I can’t believe the amount of houses built around the Havannah Nature Reserve – encroaching on the habitat of wildlife.

    There are no red squirrels to be seen anymore & other wildlife will start to disappear – Leave the green belt and this area alone!

  17. Ruth

    It’s unacceptable to continue taking away priceless green belt areas. Houses should only be built when all the built ones are fully occupied. New houses popping up all over, it never ends. It’s heart breaking when they are standing empty for months on end and yet have taken up our green spaces.

  18. Kerry viggor

    Profit before environment as always. About time the council stopped selling off our green belt.

  19. Nicola Mcallister

    Please no more houses, taking all our green spaces. We will have nothing left if it keeps up.

  20. Donna walker

    We have destroyed a huge amount of land in this area already. There really should be a more realistic limit!
    Go build somewhere else, there are many brownfield sites around.

  21. Gillian

    If building continues all our wildlife will disappear and children will no longer have the joy of seeing this first hand and will not have a true love of the countryside. I have already noticed a distinct lack of deer and red squirrels which I would see regularly when out cycling.

  22. Susan

    I was brought up in this area and spent a lot of time here as a child , this needs to be stopped save our wildlife

  23. Kim

    The council, planners and builders don’t care about open spaces and wildlife. The homes being built are out of the price range for most people. The spaces for wildlife are more important and should be protected. The Great Park is only great for those who can afford it and certainly not for wildlife.

  24. Sharon bolton

    As a resident of Hazlerigg village for many years. I am shocked at the number of houses being built. The loss of habitat for the wildlife is over whelming and very cruel. The housing developments must stop now and consider where these poor creatures are going to find food and shelter.

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