Declare an Ecological Emergency

In February 2020 we asked Newcastle City Council to acknowledge the ecological emergency. In March 2021, we renewed this call and asked the Council to commit to managing at least 30% of land in Newcastle for nature by 2030 and to develop a biodiversity index.  We also asked for the establishment of a regular working … [Read more…]

Say NO to Harmful Herbicides in Newcastle

Glyphosate-based herbicides are the most widely used herbicides in agriculture. But did you know that many local councils also use glyphosate to control ‘weeds’ in urban settings? Newcastle City Council is one of them. Glyphosate has been shown to harm human health and the natural environment. Research shows that glyphosate is a probable carcinogenic and … [Read more…]

How Green is a Solar Farm in the Green Belt?

Newcastle Airport is consulting on plans for a huge solar farm in the Green Belt north of Havannah Nature Reserve. The proposed sites lies within the Ouseburn Catchment Wildlife Enhancement Corridor, close to several Sites of Local Conservation Interest. While we welcome a move to renewable energy, we are concerned about further loss of Green Belt and the erosion of an important wildlife corridor. We … [Read more…]

Cell B1 – Latest Threat to Havannah

Newcastle Great Park Consortium has submitted revised plans for sports pitches in Cell B1 of Newcastle Great Park. Our latest objection is detailed below. Re: 2017/0666/09/RES Save Newcastle Wildlife is concerned with protecting wildlife and green space in Newcastle. This application, if approved, would see a significant adverse effect on wildlife in and around Havannah and Three Hills … [Read more…]

Transform the Town Moor

The Town Moor is the biggest green space in Newcastle. As well as being grazed by the Freemen of Newcastle’s cattle, it is a designated Site of Local Conservation Importance and a valuable wildlife corridor. The moors support red-listed birds, including skylarks and meadow pipits, both of which nest on the ground. Newcastle City Council last surveyed … [Read more…]

Green Belt Grab

Newcastle Great Park Consortium is attempting to further erode important wildlife habitat in Cell B1 with its latest planning application. The plans will already see unacceptable and large-scale loss of vegetation, trees and hedgerows, loss of Green Belt and further encroachment on Havannah Nature Reserve. Cell B1 and the public right of way that runs … [Read more…]

Legal Case in Full

The Royal Courts of Justice have finally confirmed that we are allowed to publish, in full, the transcripts of the court hearing and judgement in relation to our request for a judicial review of Newcastle City Council’s decision on Newcastle Great Park Consortium’s planning application for Cell A/B1. The full transcripts are set out below. … [Read more…]

Mowing Times and Pollinators

Pollinators are in steep decline. Small actions by local authorities, such as leaving grassed areas to grow in Spring and Summer can help bees, butterflies, moths and other pollinating insects. Stopping the use of harmful herbicides, which are known to harm both human health and wildlife – such as glyphosate – can also contribute to … [Read more…]

Wildlife-Friendly Development?

Following our unsuccessful legal challenge of Newcastle City Council’s decision on plans for Cell A/B1 of Newcastle Great Park, we have called on Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon Homes to deliver wildlife-friendly development in Cell A. Specifically, we have called for: –               at least one native tree in every back garden … [Read more…]

Newcastle Needs More Parks

A study commissioned by Newcastle City Council highlights the need for 26 hectares of new parks for the people of Newcastle.  As yet, there is no evidence of any new parks being planned or delivered. Parks and green spaces are essential for people and for wildlife. And never have they been more in the spotlight than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Parks provide … [Read more…]