Unlawful Development

Although we have been advised the application for 1,200 houses adjacent to Havannah Nature Reserve will go before committee on Friday 15th December, this has not yet been confirmed. There are still several significant issues with the application, which the developer must address before a decision can be made. Planning committee meetings are public meetings, … [Read more…]

Slow Progress

Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign to Put Nature on the Map on 1st November. As a result of our 3,000-strong petition, Newcastle City Council has committed to deliver its green infrastructure strategy, which it promised six years ago. We are awaiting confirmation of a clear timetable for completion of this strategy. We … [Read more…]

Put Nature on the Map in Newcastle

Newcastle City Council will debate our petition to Put Nature on the Map in Newcastle on Wednesday 1st November, at 6pm. Our petition now has more than 3,000 signatures and calls for greater protection for wildlife and green space and for the creation of new wildlife habitats. This is a unique opportunity to effect meaningful … [Read more…]

Urban Nature NE: Red Squirrels

September’s Urban Nature session was all about red squirrels. We learned about where squirrels live and why it is particularly important to look after Newcastle’s red squirrels. We got creative making red squirrel posters before taking a walk in Havannah Nature Reserve to see the squirrels dashing about on the forest floor, chasing each other … [Read more…]

Urban Nature NE: Small Mammals

Our latest Urban Nature NE session ‘Small Mammals’ was full of surprises. We were lucky to have Northumbria Mammal Group’s Veronica Carnell, who kindly set some small mammal traps in the run up to our event, to take us around Havannah Nature Reserve and introduce us to the little creatures that live in the undergrowth. … [Read more…]

Don’t Hem in Havannah Demo

On Sunday, 6th August, at 2pm, we will hold a public demonstration against Newcastle Great Park Consortium’s plans for 1,200 houses and two schools just metres from Havannah and Three Hills Nature Reserve.Come and learn what this development would mean for people and wildlife – particularly the important red squirrel population in the reserve – … [Read more…]

More Millionaire Houses in Newcastle’s Green Belt

The millionaire houses currently under construction by Gosforth Park Hotel are set to have sedum grass and zinc roofs, ‘to mirror the leafy surroundings and former greenhouses of the Walled Gardens’. When the application was submitted, more than 1,500 people signed a petition against the plans. The houses would constitute inappropriate development in the green … [Read more…]

Action Needed

There is still time to object to the application for 1,200 houses and two schools within metres of Havannah and Three Hills Nature Reserve, in Cell A and B1 of Newcastle Great Park. If you object to the plans, please submit your comments to Newcastle City Council by logging in or registering here: https://publicaccessapplications.newcastle.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=makeComment&keyVal=OPOK2PBS0EQ00 Or email … [Read more…]

Urban Nature NE Launch

Our first Urban Nature NE session, ‘Brilliant Birds’ spread its wings this week. We got our hands dirty making some tasty bird treats with pine cones and coconut shells and planting  sunflower seeds. Everyone had something to take home at the end of the session, including a free pack of wildflower seeds from 38 Degrees, … [Read more…]