Systemic Failure to Conserve Wildlife

We have submitted a corporate complaint to Newcastle City Council regarding the systemic failure to monitor and enforce implementation of landscaping and ecological measures in Newcastle Great Park. This repeated failure – over 16 years – has resulted in significant harm to wildlife in the Great Park and across the wider area. There has been … [Read more…]

Newcastle Great Park Encroachment

Newcastle Great Park Consortium has submitted further information as part of its plans to hem in Havannah. The Chronicle has covered the story. In March, we threatened Newcastle City Council with legal action in light of the unlawfulness of allowing such development. Consequently, they backed down and agreed to take the plans back to committee. In the … [Read more…]

Renewed Call to Action

Newcastle Great Park Consortium has submitted new evidence as part of its plans to hem in Havannah with residential development.   This is their attempt to address the legal issues we raised in January, however, it is woefully inadequate and fails to take fully into account our concerns.  A new public consultation on the plans … [Read more…]

Green Space Grab

A new planning application has been submitted for building on South Gosforth Green. Newcastle City Council gave the green light to plans previously, but there is now the opportunity for more people to object. We supported South Gosforth Residents Association in opposing the plans and are encouraging people to object to the current application. Please … [Read more…]

Chris Packham to Visit Newcastle Nature Reserve

Chris Packham will visit Havannah Nature Reserve in July as part of his UK Bioblitz 2018 tour. Chris and a team of experts will visit 48 nature reserves across Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales to highlight the extent to which the nation’s wildlife is under threat. The Bioblitz has a scientific purpose and the … [Read more…]

A Small Victory

Our proposed judicial review claim, in relation to Cell A and Cell B1 of Newcastle Great Park, has prompted Newcastle City Council to take the application back to planning committee. This is a rare victory for us and we are pleased to see our efforts have not been in vain. The threat of legal action … [Read more…]

Urban Nature NE: Nurturing Nature

We have been awarded another round of funding from Postcode Local Trust, funded by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, to inspire and engage young people in Newcastle with nature and the outdoors. Last year’s Urban Nature NE sessions were a big success and we hope to continue this into 2018. The sessions will be held … [Read more…]

Another Bite at the Cherry

More than 3,000 people signed our petition to Put Nature on the Map in Newcastle. Our plea for Newcastle City Council to have better regard for biodiversity was debated in the chambers in November last year. But the council merely promised a Green Infrastructure Delivery Plan: a plan it promised seven years ago and never … [Read more…]