Wildlife-Friendly Development?

Following our unsuccessful legal challenge of Newcastle City Council’s decision on plans for Cell A/B1 of Newcastle Great Park, we have called on Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon Homes to deliver wildlife-friendly development in Cell A.

Specifically, we have called for:

–               at least one native tree in every back garden

–               native hedgerow to delineate front gardens and adjacent to highways

–               swift bricks incorporated in every dwelling

–               provision of allotments and community orchards

–               bat boxes, especially in areas adjacent to open space

–               bird boxes in every garden

–               street trees incorporated on every street. These should be planted with immediate effect, to ensure adequate road widths overall. This would require changes to the the plans to ensure adequate widths for the planting strip, to be submitted prior to determination. Street trees can easily be incorporated if the planting strip if the tree planting strip is retained and maintained by the management company rather than adopted highways, as has been implemented successfully elsewhere in Newcastle and by other local authorities

–               hedgehog highways incorporated along every garden fence. These should include small scale signage at the opening to educate occupiers that gaps should not be blocked

–               climbing landscape plant species, including ivy, to be included in the landscape scheme, especially prominent gable ends and garages

–               interpretation panels to enable residents to understand the ecological value of wildlife species and neighbouring habitat

–               renewable energy and water efficiency, including swales and rain gardens

–               wildflower verges along roads and formal open spaces 

We are awaiting a response from both developers as to whether they will deliver any such measures.

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