Newcastle Needs More Parks

A study commissioned by Newcastle City Council highlights the need for 26 hectares of new parks for the people of Newcastle. 

As yet, there is no evidence of any new parks being planned or delivered.

Parks and green spaces are essential for people and for wildlife. And never have they been more in the spotlight than during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Parks provide space to exercise and relax. They improve air quality and mitigate for climate change by absorbing carbon, cooling cities and reducing flooding. They also provide invaluable habitat for wildlife.

Access to green space has been shown to result in better health outcomes and can significantly reduce health inequalities.

We have identified five Wards in the city where access to parks is extremely low and must be prioritised: Callerton and Throckley, Castle, Denton and Westerhope, Kenton, and Lemington. 

We face an uncertain future, amid global pandemics, climate chaos and a biodiversity crisis. Never has the need for green space and nature been greater. 

We are therefore calling on Newcastle City Council to commit to a parks strategy to deliver new local parks, nature reserves and community woodland for people and wildlife in Newcastle. 
Hundreds of people have already signed our petition calling on the Council for more parks. You can add your name here.

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