War on Waste?

In March 2018 Newcastle City Council determined to put into practice recommendations of the Waste Commission’s ‘No Time to Waste’ report. 
The report suggested a number of ways to cut waste across Newcastle, including:
• a voluntary ban on single use plastics in the city
• a voluntary ban on drinking straws in pubs, clubs and restaurants
• setting an ambitious target to be a zero-food waste city
• a re-use mall where unwanted items can be bought, sold and swapped
• exploring alternatives to the council sending waste to Sweden
• setting up a city-wide partnership for groups to share ideas and good practice
We understand the council made a number of pledges, including to:
• Reduce single-use plastics by switching to wooden disposable cutlery and re-using platters
• Provide improved recycling points in all offices
• Encourage schools to reduce use of plastics
• Investigate replacing plastic cups with recyclable cups in vending machines
• Re-skin bin lorries with murals with useful recycling information for households
• Send householders flyers with useful recycling information
• Re-skin street litter bins to encourage recycling and discourage littering
We have asked the council for an update on which pledges have been fulfilled.

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