Chris Packham to Visit Newcastle Nature Reserve

Chris Packham will visit Havannah Nature Reserve in July as part of his UK Bioblitz 2018 tour.

Chris and a team of experts will visit 48 nature reserves across Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales to highlight the extent to which the nation’s wildlife is under threat.

The Bioblitz has a scientific purpose and the results will be used to create a benchmark to measure the rise and fall in numbers of different species in the future.

We are pleased to see Havannah has been chosen as one of the sites, as it is currently under threat from multiple housing developments.

You can find out more here.

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  1. Tay Pitman

    I see that the Bioblitz event at Havannah is invite only, so perhaps if anyone from SNW is there, they could raise the issue of Newcastle being the nation’s tree-felling capital?

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