Newcastle Great Park Nature Conservation Steering Group

The legal agreement for the Newcastle Great Park Masterplan stipulated Newcastle City Council and Newcastle Great Park Consortium were obliged to set up and support a representative steering group to oversee the monitoring and management of open space in the Great Park.

One of the roles of this proposed group was to monitor the impact of development on wildlife and the success of works to restore and create wildlife habitats in Newcastle Great Park.

Following enquiries with Newcastle Great Park Consortium in March 2017, Save Newcastle Wildlife learnt this group does not actually exist.

Given the recent approval of the Cell D application for hundreds more houses and a spine road, which will bisect an important wildlife corridor and Ouseburn Meadows Site of Local Conservation Interest (SLCI) and the current Cell A/B1 application, which would negatively impact wildlife in and around Havannah and Three Hills Nature Reserve and West Brunton Wetlands SLCI, there is a real and immediate need for such a group.

The Consortium has now proposed to set up this nature conservation steering group and has invited Save Newcastle Wildlife, Newcastle City Council, Natural History Society of Northumbria, Northumberland Wildlife Trust, Natural England and the Environment Agency to join, as well as representatives from community groups.

The first meeting will take place on 15th June 2017.

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