Change of Plan

On 5th November 2018, Newcastle Great Park Consortium submitted further information relating to the environmental impact of proposed development for Cell A/B1 of Newcastle Great Park. The plans have now been amended to remove the proposed pavilion, access track and parking areas from the Green Belt within Cell B1 and to reduce the length and change … [Read more…]

Urban Nature: Fantastic Fungi

Our final Urban Nature NE session of 2018, Fabulous Fungi, will take place on Sunday 7th October, in Havannah Three Hills Nature Reserve. The reserve is one of the best sites in Newcastle to see fungi fruiting, with species ranging from the common to those with very few national records, and we hope to see lots … [Read more…]

War on Waste?

In March 2018 Newcastle City Council determined to put into practice recommendations of the Waste Commission’s ‘No Time to Waste’ report.  The report suggested a number of ways to cut waste across Newcastle, including:   • a voluntary ban on single use plastics in the city • a voluntary ban on drinking straws in pubs, … [Read more…]

Red Squirrel Week

Red Squirrel Awareness Week 2018 runs from 24th until 30th September. We are encouraging people in Newcastle to visit one of the city’s last Red Squirrel strongholds during this week of national awareness. Autumn is the best time of year to see red squirrels, either foraging on the woodland floor or scaling the tree tops. There … [Read more…]

Newcastle Airport Expansion Plans

We have submitted our comments in response to the Newcastle International Airport Masterplan 2035.   We have raised concerns about the proposed loss of vegetation, woodland, trees, hedgerows and Green Belt, and the impact on wildlife and biodiversity, in particular the red squirrel population in Havannah Nature Reserve.   The red squirrel population is becoming … [Read more…]

Systemic Failure to Conserve Wildlife

We have submitted a corporate complaint to Newcastle City Council regarding the systemic failure to monitor and enforce implementation of landscaping and ecological measures in Newcastle Great Park. This repeated failure – over 16 years – has resulted in significant harm to wildlife in the Great Park and across the wider area. There has been … [Read more…]

Newcastle Great Park Encroachment

Newcastle Great Park Consortium has submitted further information as part of its plans to hem in Havannah. The Chronicle has covered the story. In March, we threatened Newcastle City Council with legal action in light of the unlawfulness of allowing such development. Consequently, they backed down and agreed to take the plans back to committee. In the … [Read more…]

Renewed Call to Action

Newcastle Great Park Consortium has submitted new evidence as part of its plans to hem in Havannah with residential development.   This is their attempt to address the legal issues we raised in January, however, it is woefully inadequate and fails to take fully into account our concerns.  A new public consultation on the plans … [Read more…]